Video Gait Analysis

Here at Podiatry Professionals we use state of the art gait assessment software and equipment to provide dynamic information about your gait pattern, whether walking you’re or running! As an elite foot and ankle clinic in Canberra we put your feet first by using gait analysis software to obtain accurate and comprehensive information to allow our podiatrists to educate you on all aspects of your gait cycle. We strive to thoroughly break down the way you walk or run frame by frame to evaluate any underlying cause of your foot pain and then apply that to any orthotics you have or may require. We then relate this information to the type of footwear that best suits your feet and how your gait impacts on your presenting condition. Please ask your podiatrist at one of our clinics to perform a systematic running assessment to provide advice on appropriate and proficient technique which can improve running efficiency, decrease injury potential and eliminate foot pain.