(1) Stretching Exercises

(A) Gastrocnenemius and Soleus Stretch
(C) Plantar fascial Stretch 2
(E) Neural Glides
(B) Plantar fascial Stretch 1
(D) Hamstring Stretch

(2) Strengthening Exercises

(A) Isometric Strength Exercise
(C) Eccentric Strength Exercise
(E) Theraband Flexion Strength Exercise
(B) Plantar fascial Strength Exercise
(D) Doming Strength Exercise

(3) Taping Techniques

(A) Basic Foot Taping
(C) Advanced Foot Taping
(B) Self Applied Strapping Technique

(4) Pain Management Concepts

(A) Compression Sock Application
(B) Arch Rolling and Icing

(5) Footwear and Orthotic Concepts

(A) Footwear concepts
(B) Orthotic Wearing In Process