Children/Growing Feet Assessment

Assessing a child’s foot is very different to that of an adult, particularly if they have foot pain or require orthotics. Their rate of growth varies, their normal values are different, they each have unique characteristics that require individual attention, something we do regularly at Podiatry Professionals. Early assessment and treatment of children’s feet by a podiatrist that have features such as flat feet, asymmetrical feet, excessive shoe wear, regular tripping or ongoing foot pain is imperative to long term results. Even plantar warts, ingrown nails or deformed nails/nail fungus are foot problems that we can delicately treat at our podiatry Canberra clinic. Long term outcomes with early intervention have much better results and often orthotics can greatly assist with children’s natural development. As a podiatrist Canberra we have a genuine focus on assessing and treating all paediatric foot problems in depth and providing evidence based advice and treatment to make sure their outcomes are as best as possible.