Foot Function Assessments

At Podiatry Professionals here in Canberra City our podiatrists (otherwise known as foot doctors) utilise best evidenced based practice to perform biomechanical foot function assessments. These complex biomechanical assessments are key for assisting to diagnose foot pain, gait problems, walking and running patterns. These biomechanical assessments also involve analysis of the ankles, knees and hips as many of these variable factors can contribute to foot problems. Part of your biomechanical assessment will also involve our podiatrists looking at your foot alignment and the way it moves to see how it can affect joint, muscle and postural alignment.

Our podiatric medical practitioners combine all this information to help find a treatment and to educate you on the best possible solutions to your problems. We strive to provide the best possible outcome that is tailored to you needs with the goal of reducing your foot pain. Foot function assessments are useful in not only treating current conditions but also preventing injury by identifying underlying issues.