About Us

Our Objective: Podiatry Professionals is a patient driven practice and is committed to providing comprehensive and up to date treatment in an informative and easy to understand way. We provide a relaxed and friendly environment which assures detailed one on one consultations and a focus on resolving your pain in the shortest time possible.

Our ‘Why’ at Podiatry Professionals is to:
‘Progress quality of life’

  • We progress our patient quality of life by reducing their pain and getting them back to what they love doing
  • We progress our referrers quality of life by making their job easier by helping their patients get better
  • We progress our team quality of life by helping each other grow and enhance friendships
  • We progress our individual quality of life with the job satisfaction of helping as many people we can.

We think it is imperative to not only be the best health professionals in the business but to be the most personable and caring professionals in the business. We enjoy caring for all patients ranging from children to the elderly as our staff have detailed, up to date knowledge of a large variety of lower limb conditions and we thrive on passing that on to you! We are very experienced in treating all aspects of podiatry including general podiatry and diabetes but we do have a focus in treating sports injuries, chronic pain, orthotic therapy and rehabilitation for active and athletic feet.

Simply said, we love helping as many people as we can! That is why we have endeavored to have clinical rooms in multiple sites across Canberra and Queanbeyan in order to accommodate as many people as we can without them having to travel too far. Although Braddon is our main practice be confident that no matter what clinic you go to that you will get the same high standard of treatment and care and more importantly the same clinical outcomes!


At Podiatry Professionals we consider your safety our highest priority. Learn More about our commitment to you regarding COVID-19.