Knee Pain/Patello-Femoral Syndrome


Similar to shin pain, imbalances in the knee can be influenced by abnormal foot function. Incorrect patella movements and rotational problems can cause pain and swelling in and around the muscles and tendons of the knee and commonly people aren’t aware that feet can be the underlying cause! Correcting these biomechanical problems with a specific exercise plan, correct footwear and possibly orthotics can provide significant pain relief and improve knee function. This is particularly evident after knee surgery or major knee injuries. In our foot clinic, our podiatrists are qualified to diagnose

 whether your knee pain is related to your foot function, shoes or from somewhere else such as back and hips (or a combination of all!). We are very detailed in evaluating the cause of the knee pain in order to provide the most accurate treatment plan and reduce your pain. We have good networks with many of Canberra’s physiotherapists, sports doctors and podiatric surgeon’s in order to provide extensive and holistic care for your knee pain.