Neuromas are painful nerve growths normally located between the metatarsals in the forefoot. They often cause sharp, shooting foot pain which can be debilitating, yet they are something that can be effectively treated by a podiatrist. The severity of a neuroma can vary from very mild awareness to debilitating foot pain with every step and presenting early to a foot clinic or seeing a foot expert is crucial for treatment success.

Numbness in the feet can be due to a variety of reasons such as Diabetes, underlying medical conditions, impinged nerves and poor footwear. Numbness is very common in hikers and runners and can commonly be resolved by a variety of techniques implemented by your podiatrist ranging from padding and footwear changes to orthotics.

If you are experiencing foot pain or numbness, come in talk to one of the podiatrists at Canberra’s Podiatry Professionals, who can address your symptoms and suggest appropriate treatment options.