Arthritic joints are sometimes inevitable with age but that doesn’t mean they can’t be treated. Although we can’t reverse the arthritic process which causes painful, swollen joints in the foot and ankle, the symptoms can be managed and treated effectively by a podiatrist or foot doctor. The most common joint to become arthritic is the big toe joint (1st MPJ) as it bends every step we take. If left untreated this can cause considerable foot pain particularly with high impact movements due to increased stress on the joint which could lead to a visit with the podiatric surgeon in serious cases.

Arthritis of the big toe joint is commonly misdiagnosed as a bunion. Bunions (which sometimes require bunion surgery) can be caused by poor footwear choices, trauma or have hereditary links. It is common for foot pain to develop in the big toe joint due to a combination of arthritis and bunions which can prove a major problem with sport and daily activities.

Early recognition by a podiatrist or foot doctor can assist with treatments ranging from footwear choices, orthotics, strapping, splinting, bracing, exercises and many more by preventing further joint damage developing. So feel free to contact Podiatry Professionals for detailed foot care and advice.