Podiatry Professionals is Moving!

Podiatry Professionals is Moving! As a patient and great friend of Podiatry Professionals, it is with great pleasure that we inform you that as of October 2018 we are relocating our growing practice to our new clinic located at 1/51 Mort Street, Braddon ACT 2612. The clinic will be located on the ground floor of the IQ building at the Haig Park end of Mort street and for your convenience our phone number, fax, email, website and Facebook page will remain unchanged. In one sense we are sad as from October we will no longer be treating out of our...

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Shoes for Planet Earth

Podiatry Professionals are now ambassadors for Shoes for planet earth charity. Shoes for Planet Earth is a non-profit organisation started in 2009 by people who love to run and want to give something back. Working together with local and international communities and companies they provide recycled running shoes to those in need around the world. This charity has decided to branch out to different parts of Australia, using the public as benefactors to help collect shoes. These shoes are then distributed locally and then are then sorted, packed and distributed to different parts of the globe. Therefore, Podiatry Professionals would like...

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Injection Therapy Course

A few snaps of our podiatrist in action at the injection therapy course over the weekend! Our podiatrist are dedicated to keeping their knowledge up to date and cannot wait to incorporate what they have learnt into your treatment plan!

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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Katie Kelly, gold medalist šŸ…in the woman’s triathlon at the Rio 2016 Paralympics! We were so pleased to see Katie’s amazing performance, we know how hard she worked! It was wonderful to see her with her gold medal at today’s treatment. Look out for Katie riding around in one of the cars at 2016 AFL Grand Final!

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Achilles Tendinopathy – written by Melanie Saisell

Achilles tendinopathy refers to the degeneration within the large tendon which joins the calf muscles to the heel bone. It is seen most commonly in the midā€portion of the tendon, but also occurs at the boneā€“tendon junction. This can occur as the Achilles tendon does not have a rich blood supply and can be found to be weakest at a point between two and six centimetres above its insertion to the calcaneus. This poor vascularity can prevent adequate tissue repair following trauma and may lead to further weakening of the tendon. Achilles tendinopathy can be either acute or chronic. Acute...

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Podiatry Professionals Sponsor a child!

Podiatry Professionals are now proud parents!! Bonface is 1 years old, born on 15 June 2014. Living in Mtito Andei Project in Kenya. Due to Privacy laws we cant show you his face over the internet but if you are visiting Podiatry Professionals we will have his photo up for display in the coming days. Podiatry Professionals are proud to be sponsoring a child with World Vision Australia!

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