Shoes for Planet Earth

Podiatry Professionals are now ambassadors for Shoes for planet earth charity. Shoes for Planet Earth is a non-profit organisation started in 2009 by people who love to run and want to give something back. Working together with local and international communities and companies they provide recycled running shoes to those in need around the world.

This charity has decided to branch out to different parts of Australia, using the public as benefactors to help collect shoes. These shoes are then distributed locally and then are then sorted, packed and distributed to different parts of the globe.

Therefore, Podiatry Professionals would like to reach out to all members and ask you to tell your friends, family, and colleagues about our initiative and help donate shoes to the practice so that we can mail them to the charity.

There is no time limit and very little constraint on the types of shoes that are allowed to be donated see below. Podiatry Professionals aims to have mailed 300 pairs of shoes by the end of this year so please help us achieve this goal.

Shoe Criteria:

Please help us to deliver your shoes as quickly as we can by following the guidelines below.

1.    SPORTS SHOES only please.

2.  NO HOLES or BROKEN SOLES. It is not worth shipping shoes to an orphanage in Southern Africa if they are broken, we want to send shoes that will last a whole winter.

3.  CLEAN! Would you like to receive a dirty pair of shoes? They can be hand scrubbed or washed on a short cold cycle in the washing machine. Best dried in the sun stuffed with newspaper – no tumble trying please as it destroys the shoe.

4.  Must have INNER SOLES and LACES TIED TOGETHER in matching pairs so we can find the other half amongst all the hundreds of shoes we have. No individual pairs in plastic bags or boxes please – just more to throw away.

THANK YOU for helping us to change the world one pair of shoes at a time!